Therapies Offered at the Sound Clinic

**Please consult a practitioner for all therapy questions.  Ask the front office staff if you have further questions regarding cost or to schedule an appointment.**


  1. Myer’s Cocktail: This IV nutritional drip can be customized but typically includes magnesium, zinc, other trace minerals, B vitamins, vitamin C, and bicarbonate. It is useful for patients that do not absorb nutrients well and it has been used successfully for a wide range of symptoms and assisting with the common cold or other viruses. Cost is $105.  (Louisville and Denver)


  1. Glutathione Push: Glutathione is thought of as the body’s master antioxidant molecule. Used-up (‘reduced’) glutathione is a marker for cellular toxicity. We find this most useful as a treatment for severe Herx reactions. It is administered intravenously, often used in conjunction with a Myer’s Cocktail, but it can also be given alone. This cost varies according to dose and a $30 charge to start the IV line applies unless one is already in place.  $75-100 total. (Louisville and Denver)


  1. B12 Injections (Hydroxocobalamin): B12 is important for energy, nerves and the brain.  Also, B12 can assist with detox. If lab shows that it is deficient, it is covered by insurance.  $25/injection. (Louisville and Denver)


  1. Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): This therapy requires that about 60cc of blood be removed from the body. It is mixed with saline and then ozone gas is bubbled into the mixture. Finally, it is dripped back into the patient. Ozone gas, (‘O3’) is made from oxygen gas (‘O2’) when the addition of energy allows for three oxygen atoms to bind together instead of the usual two. Ozone is unstable so it breaks down quickly back to O2 and the third oxygen molecule bonds to various biological molecules, forming ozonides. Biological tissues exposed to ozonides utilize more oxygen, which means they make more ATP, the energy currency of the cell. Cells can make energy using oxygen and creating carbon dioxide in a process called oxidative phosphorylation. This process is complicated and slow but yields a lot of energy. They can also make it the quick and dirty way, called glycolysis, which yields lactic acid and only 6% as much energy. It seems that inflamed, diseased or dysfunctional tissues have a tendency to favor glycolysis. By causing them to use more oxidative phosphorylation, ozone therapy appears to make more energy available to sick cells. MAH is often combined with UV Blood Irradiation or UVBI. Refer to American Academy of Ozonotherapy ( for more information. The cost is $130.  (Denver)


  1. UV Blood Irradiation (UVBI): As with MAH, 60cc of blood is removed but then it is run past an  ultraviolet light for antimicrobial benefit just before it is dripped back into the body.  For more information, ask us for a free booklet. The cost is $130 or just $60 extra if combined with MAH.  (Denver)


  1. Ozone High-Dose Therapy (OHT): This is a variation on MAH in which newer technology makes it possible to deliver about 30 times as much ozone in about the same amount of time. It is sometimes referred to as “10-pass” because a typical treatment session entails ozonating and then returning about 200cc of blood during each of ten times cycles. $220 for the first pass and $20 for each consecutive pass. (Denver)


  1. Phosphatidylcholine IV/Push: This is a therapy used to support cell membrane health. Every cell in your body is encapsulated by a membrane composed of a double layer of phospholipids and the most abundant phospholipid is Phosphatidylcholine.  Phosphatidylcholine gets incorporated into the cell membrane and improves its integrity and serves to improve the transport of nutrients and export toxins across the cell membrane. Chronic illness is associated with poor cell membrane health.  $130 IV drip which includes fluids / $75 IV push. (Louisville and Denver)


  1. Vit C IV: This is an IV therapy used to boost immune health, detox and nutritional deficiencies. $135 (Louisville and Denver)


9. Prolozone: Prolotherapy has been used for decades, mostly as a treatment for musculoskeletal pain arising from ligamentous laxity. Loose ligaments can result from overuse or injury. They can be pain generators by themselves or they can cause joint cartilage to wear out faster than it  can be replaced. Various injectables have been used over the years to trigger proliferation of ligamentous tissue, but the needle trauma itself may be the primary driver. When ozone gas is used as an injectable the procedure is usually called prolozone. Although a head-to-head study has yet to be done we feel that ozone is both safer and more effective than many other injectables commonly used by prolotherapists. Refer to American Academy of Ozonotherapy ( for more info. The cost is $100 per injection + office visit with the practitioner. (Denver)


  1. Trigger Point Injections: Procaine is used as an injectable in the treatment of areas of point tenderness that radiate pain to adjacent structures. Common areas of treatment are the head, neck, upper back, and low back. This procedure is billable to insurance, typically $50 to $135 depending on the number of muscles treated + office visit.  (Louisville and Denver)


  1. Osteopathic Manual Therapy / Cranial Osteopathy / Biodynamics:  OMT is a form of manual therapy that integrates the mind, body, and spirit but is mostly used in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. It comes in many different forms, ranging from the abrupt adjustments (typically associated with chiropractic) to the extremely subtle forces. Biodynamic osteopathy is an even more subtle therapy that reduces the sympathetic activity (stress burden) in the body allowing for patients to feel more relaxed and balanced. This can improve immunity, sleep, calm headaches and reduce pain.  For more information, refer to the American Osteopathic Association. To schedule an appointment for OMT, please call or ask at the front desk. Osteopathic manipulation is billed to insurance as a procedure while the evaluation and medical management is billed as an office visit.  Verification of coverage can be determined by asking your insurance carrier of the frequently used osteopathic procedure code of 98928 and the office visit. The cash prices for osteopathic manipulation are $221 as a new patient and $175 for an established patient. (Louisville and Denver)


  1. Neural therapy: This therapy involves a local anesthetic being injected into certain locations of the body in an attempt to treat chronic pain and illness.  These areas frequently involve areas of previous trauma and scars. $100 + office visit. (Denver with Dr. Naylor)


  1. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a therapy that is used for a variety of ailments, including fatigue, pain, insomnia, sympathetic excess, immune support, smoking cessation, anxiety, and PTSD.  If interested in acupuncture as a part of your treatment plan, please request an acupuncture questionnaire from the front desk and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lyndsay.  $50-60/session + office visit. (Louisville and Denver)


  1. LDA Therapy: LDA is ‘Low Dose Antigen’ therapy.  It is an injection therapy used to treat various symptoms caused by allergic reactions.  LDA treatment focuses on decreasing allergies (the immune system overreaction) to substances and decreasing symptoms such as eczema, gut irritation, fatigue and joint discomfort.  $280/injection + office visit. (Louisville with Mike Kehoe, PA-C)


  1. LED: Laser Energetic Detox is an attempt to modulate the body’s response to a variety of toxins. It employs the use of ART (Autonomic Response Testing) as a means by which to determine which toxins are most burdensome to a given patient’s body at any given time and then determine which Bach Flower remedies are best suited to antidote them. Biophotons of a specific frequency (ie. light of a specific frequency) is passed through a glass vial containing the homeopathic (highly-diluted) toxin solution and then onto the body in a sweeping fashion.  $200/New Patient and $145/Established patient + office visit as this therapy is always with practitioner and involves additional evaluation and management. (Louisville with Mike Kehoe, PA-C)


  1. Infrared Sauna: Sweating is a great way to detox through the skin. Far-Infrared light penetrates through the skin where it is thought to mobilize toxins stored in fascia, muscle and adipose tissue. With lower temperatures and less humidity, it’s a more pleasant environment than a traditional sauna. $20/session.  (Denver)