Insurance and Fees


Sound Clinic continues to accept the majority of private insurance plans.  There was a recent mistake by Cigna insurance.  In error, Cigna removed us from their panel and sent out letters to patients stating that they have been reassigned.  This was an error on their part and simply requires a phone call to your insurance provider to have the Sound Clinic reassigned as your PCP.  We apologize for the undue stress that this may be causing.  Please call our billing office or office manager with further questions.

Health Insurance

The Sound Clinic is dedicated to providing thorough and holistic care to patients.  This includes continuing to take the majority of insurance plans (Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted).  We spend more time than the average traditional clinic with each patient to understand overall needs and to put together an integrative care plan.  However, due to frequent changes and the complexity of our health care system, we are not able to understand each policy.  We feel that this is the patient’s responsibility.  Please research your personal out of pocket expenses including prescription coverage and laboratory coverage prior to receiving care.

Physician Fees

We understand that patients may have a high deductible, not have coverage for services that are considered ‘out of network’ or not have insurance at all.  In the spirit of transparency to assist with planning ahead, below is a general outline of the fees for office visits for new and established patients.  This does not include any service or procedure provided by the practitioner.

The prices listed below represent a 20% discount that is offered in exchange for payment in full at the time of service.  Adjusted rates allowed by insurance carriers are typically similar or slightly less.

Office Visits:

1. New Patient Office Visit:  It is dependent on time and complexity of the visit; $235-$300

2. Established Patient Office Visit: It is dependent on the time and complexity of the visit; $155-$210.

3. Osteopathic Manipulation Evaluation and Treatment: New patient – $221  Follow up – $175

Phone Consults: We understand that patients have busy schedules and cannot always schedule an appointment to review labs or to ask additional questions.  Phone consults are available and can be scheduled with the front office.  Phone consults are not covered by insurance.


The Sound Clinic has a billing service that assists with processing all bills.  They are happy to assist with questions regarding your bill and insurance. However, it is important for each patient to assume responsibility for understanding their insurance plan.

KV Physicians Billing Service Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm (MST)

Phone: #303-857-4397